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Refund Policy

Given the particular situation we are going through, the staff has decided to have a policy capable of regulating refunds and any changes in the course of work on refunds. 

Please ask for cancellation by 1st June.

Please also read carefully what is reported to avoid unleashing unpleasant problems.

the.      In case of cancellation of the event due to restrictions for the containment of COVID, the entire registration fee will be refunded. The commission requested by the company that manages the online payment will instead be lost.

ii.      In case of cancellation of the registration before the closing of the same, it will be refunded in the same way as in point I

iii.     After the closing of the registrations, the reimbursement of the registration fee is foreseen in the manner provided for in point I, only in the case of proven health reasons of the human athlete or the dog athlete.

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